Couple Shares Their Emotional Pregnancy Journey

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Couple Shares Their Emotional Pregnancy Journey

Erika Carter

Warning: This video will most likely make you cry. Grab the tissues!

One of the most exciting times in any person’s life is the moment they find out that they are going to become a parent. Being told you are going to be bringing another life into the world is truly amazing.

For most couples, it doesn’t take a ton of medical appointments and prescription medications to make a pregnancy happen, but for others it can be a very difficult process. Imagine hearing the news that you will soon be having a baby after trying for years to get pregnant and never having positive results.

In this video, Ellie and Jared are going through that exact situation. They had been trying to start a family for over 2 years at the time this video was filmed. In the video they both even mention multiple times that they wanted to try to be positive that they would hear good news but, because of the fact that they have always gotten negative results on the pregnancy tests, they were going to try to be realistic and not get their hopes up too much.

After a stressful day of waiting and anticipating, Ellie and Jared were able to sit down and listen to a voicemail from their doctor that would reveal to them if they were pregnant or not. When they heard the words from the doctor, “your test came back positive, congratulations” their faces lit up.

It took a few seconds to sink in but the couple was absolutely overjoyed with the news. That is one lucky baby, coming into a world to parents who wanted him so badly! What a beautiful moment for this couple to share with the world. SHARE the love and pass it on!