This Video Will Convince Anyone To NEVER Judge a Mom Again

This Video Will Convince Anyone To NEVER Judge a Mom Again

Jamaica Bravo

Freud, pull up a chair. We need to lay down on your black couch and talk about parenting.  Good, bad, in between. Does mother know best?

Let’s face it. We judge people all day long, whether we want to admit it or not. And we’re cultured to especially judge parents, sometimes even our own parents. If Freud taught us anything, it was that we could blame our parents for how screwed up we are. But is that really all there is to it?

Watch the video to see what these mothers have to say about this blaming culture we all live in. 

These mothers are so brave for not only giving us a little glimpse of what it may be like to walk in their shoes and what they’re going through, but also to admit they initially judged each other as well.

When we see a mother with her children, we are really only getting a snapshot of their lives. We have no idea where they’re coming from, why they’re acting or responding in that way, what they’re going through. And, really, we don’t know what’s best. We’re just on the outside looking in. 

Katherine Wintsch, founder and CEO of The Mom Complex, tells Mashable, “I think spending time and dollars to end the mommy wars is a noble cause, and should be done.”  According to Wintsch’s research, mothers around the world feel overwhelmed by unreasonable demands and expectations.  After interviewing 5,000 women in 17 countries, they were surprised to see the emotion they all had in common wasn’t a positive one. It wasn’t happiness or joy.  It was the self-doubt.

Let’s work together towards cultural competency and practice non-judgment when it comes to other people and ourselves. We can be so critical of ourselves and those around us but a little compassion and empathy can go a long way.  

What do you think about ending Mommy Wars? Do you think we should stop judging other people’s behavior? Or maybe just stop judging it so harshly?

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