Stranger Donates a Liver to the Future Love of His Life

Stranger Donates a Liver to the Future Love of His Life

Angela Markus

The dating scene can be tough. Whether it’s a dating site or through a friend, it can be extremely hard to find “the one”. Although that might be up for debate, I guess when a man offers a liver, he is definitely a keeper.

Heather Krueger was diagnosed with an incurable liver disease and received a liver transplant from a complete stranger. She is now planning a wedding with the man who saved her life.

Krueger, from Frankfort, Illinois was diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease in March 2014. While on a waiting list, her condition worsened. It was at that point that Chris Dempsey, a former Marine, decided to get involved.

After overhearing his coworker (Krueger’s cousin) discuss her dramatic situation, he stepped in and underwent medical tests to assess whether he was a match, even before meeting the woman. “When I heard about it, I just thought I would want someone to help me,” Dempsey told ABC. Krueger explains how she received a call from Dempsey saying that he was her donor.

In a beautiful twist, the two fell in love during the two-month recovery process that followed the surgeries, which took over eight hours. “My whole liver came out and I received 55 percent of his,” Krueger said. She explained that if it were not for Dempsey, she would not be here.

The ex-marine said he “would do it again in a heartbeat” despite any complication. He proposed after a romantic carriage ride in Chicago and the two plan to marry later this year.

Congratulations to the lovely couple!

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