This Epic LED Water Slide Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen!

This Epic LED Water Slide Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen!

Kendall Conners

It’s not often that a water slide makes you feel as though you’re being transported to another universe. But the epic Black Hole water slide does just that.

The ride begins with an ordinary entrance, not unlike the entrance to a slide at a community pool. Indeed, from the outside, the tunnel slide appears like any other. It stands at 25 feet high and measures 256 feet in length. Its size is not extraordinary, however, the experience it provides is out of this world — literally!

Upon entering the slide, riders are treated to a spectacular LED light display. The display is so exciting and unique that it almost seems like it is not of our world — or of our time. Users experience bright multi-colored rings, a starry sky, and what appears to be shooting stars, all in neon against a black backdrop.

The ride lasts only a minute or so, but that minute feels like a journey through space and time. After less than sixty seconds, the slide deposits riders in a community pool, set squarely in the ‘real world’. Hopefully, riders keep their eyes open during the ride so they don’t miss any of the amazing effects!

The slide was created in 2012 to replace an out-of-date tunnel slide. The original slide’s shape was maintained, but the new slide features various lighting effects, including RGB daylight rings, which are unique in northern Germany.

This unique waterslide resides at the indoor leisure pool “Bad 1.” “Bad 1” is in Bremerhaven, a seaside town in Germany. If you do not anticipate making a trip to northern Germany any time soon, don’t worry. You can simply watch this video to experience the wonders of the Black Hole.

Press play and you’ll get the sense that you are traveling from your home through space!

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