This A Cappella Version of Eric Clapton’s “Change The World” Will Blow Your Mind

This A Cappella Version of Eric Clapton’s “Change The World” Will Blow Your Mind

Kendall Conners

Are you a fan of those A Cappella groups that cover those feel good songs we all know and love? Perhaps you’re just an Eric Clapton fan … either way, what this guy does with the song “Change the World” will have you smiling from ear-to-ear.

It’s this type of music that warms your heart, makes you happy, and can bring joy to a day that may not necessarily be going very well.

When you read the title of the video, perhaps while waiting for the random YouTube advertisement to finish playing, you’ll find yourself thinking, “I wonder how this group is going to do covering Eric Clapton?”

And then, Inhyeok Yeo appears on the screen in several different pictures —each labeled with the corresponding part of the song that he is single-handedly covering: bass, snare, lead singer, chorus 1, etc. — and the song begins.

Several minutes later, the viewer has been taken through a roller-coaster of fun and excitement, and there’s no way that someone can watch the entire 4:17 of this video and not crack at least one smile.

The song is one that evokes emotion in those of us who grew up listening to Eric Clapton. And watching this young man not only do an excellent job covering this song, but then also doing every instrument involved in the song, is truly amazing.

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