Learn How To Make An Etched Pint Glass – Perfect For Father’s Day!

Learn How To Make An Etched Pint Glass – Perfect For Father’s Day!

Erika Carter

Trying to find the perfect Father’s Day gift this year? If you can’t seem to find anything that says “I love you, Dad!” then try this do it yourself gift for the guy who has been the leading man in your life for so long.

The video below shows us how to make an etched beer glass with a personalized card! To find the glass, you can go to any retail store but the girls in this video found one at the Dollar Store! I’m sure Dad would be proud of you for saving money! The great thing about getting it from the Dollar Store is that if you mess up you can buy more than one glass just in case. If Dad isn’t a beer drinker, it can always be for a lemonade, soda or just water. Everyone uses cups!

Once they list off the ingredients, the girls take you through the process step-by-step. It’s actually much easier than it looks! They show us two different ways to etch a saying onto a glass, and both turn out equally as beautiful!

After they’ve taken us through the process of etching glass they show viewers how to make an adorable DIY card. Because what gift would be complete without a card?

Follow along the video below to learn how to make these adorable crafts! I’m not normally a crafty person, but I think I’ll be making this for my dad this year! These gifts will be a perfect way to say I love you, just in time for Father’s Day!

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