Ethan Wilwert Is Going To Be The Next Big Name In Makeup and He’s Only 8 Years Old

Ethan Wilwert Is Going To Be The Next Big Name In Makeup and He’s Only 8 Years Old

Angela Markus

A recent picture of an 8-year-old boy in makeup is making its way around the Internet and causing quite a commotion. Joey Killmeyer had just been qualified as a makeup artist in Florida when Ethan Wilwert, from Port Charlotte, Florida, came into the store as his first client.

Young Ethan told Joey that he dreamed of a career in the cosmetics industry, wanting to follow in the footsteps of world famous makeup artist Jeffree Star. Surprised Joey felt “touched” by Ethan’s story and decided to apply the makeup to just one side of the boy’s face, explaining the techniques as he went.

After the short tutorial, Ethan replicated the look on the second half of his face- all by himself! 

Killmeyer was shocked and described the young boy as “very talented” and predicts “he will be a great artist in life.” Even though professional Joey has worked with a number of clients, including models, I think Ethan would be his most controversial client.




Ethan’s mother, Season, said, “Ethan has loved makeup since he was a young child, he used to watch me get ready and put on makeup.”


Joey then posted the picture to Facebook to showcase his protégé’s work. Needless to say that the photo captured the attention of many around the world. While many Facebook users praised Ethan’s mother for allowing him to “explore different styles” and be who he wants to be. There were many people opposed to the young man’s choices.




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