Everything Is Awesome According To Princess Yellow Feather

Everything Is Awesome According To Princess Yellow Feather

Genevieve Lopez

If you have a kid or two, than the likelihood that you’ve seen The Lego Movie is very high. That means, you’ve heard the catchy tune, “Everything is Awesome,” a few times beofre. Am I right?

Sorry to bring it up again- I know how dreadful it was when you had to hear your child sing it over and over again, but this will be worth it. I promise.

The owner of a pet store in Stuart, Florida caught one of his parrots, Princess Yellow Feather, rocking out to the song and caught it all on tape. At first, he thought it was a child reliving the movie and singing, “Everything is awesoooome!” while wandering around his store.

But when he spotted his yellow-naped amazon bobbing his head, he knew the amazing had happened. His parrot overheard the song and made it his go-to karaoke song! Say what?!

I know we’ve heard parrots say and do the craziest things, but not once have I ever heard one rock out to your child’s favorite song! Everything is awesome, Princess Yellow Feather, thanks to you!

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