EW – This Made Me Cringe. SEE What Happens When She Pours Soy Sauce Over Her Squid Meal

EW – This Made Me Cringe. SEE What Happens When She Pours Soy Sauce Over Her Squid Meal

Kendall Conners

Who knew a simple squid meal and a little soy sauce could cause quite the ruckus on the Internet. But it has! The video that you’re about to see is making the rounds throughout the web and it’s easy to see why.

When you first watch it you’ll probably be a little alarmed. When I first saw it the first thing I thought was, “EW, why would someone eat that? How sad.” But when I did a little research I realized there’s more than meets the eye.

In this video a woman pours soy sauce over her seafood bowl in Hokkaido, Japan. According to YouTube, this bowl consists of salmon roe, seaweed, some other things and a dancing squid. That’s right, you read that correctly, a dancing squid. The reason for this ‘dancing squid’ can be fully explained.

As soon as she pours soy sauce over the squid it immediately starts dancing and moving around, like it’s alive! But we can confirm that the squid is in fact dead. The reason why the squid starts moving around and acting like it’s alive can be backed by science.

According to Charles Grisham, a professor of chemistry at the University of Virginia, “Most of the tissue in an organism that’s recently dead is actually still live … and so even though the brain function is missing, the tissues will respond to stimuli.”

Um, WHOA. So when the soy sauce gets poured on top of the squid the sodium in the sauce acts as a stimuli, causing the neurons to activate which in turn causes the muscles to contract.

Some people still think this is gross or inhumane while others just chalk it up to science. Which end of the spectrum do you fall on? Would you eat something if it started moving like that? Although I know it’s dead, I don’t think I could do it!

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