Photographer Creates Beautiful Family Photo For Couple That Lost Their Children

Photographer Creates Beautiful Family Photo For Couple That Lost Their Children

Kaleena Madruga

No parent wants to bury their child. Conventional wisdom says that parents usually die before their children, not the other way around.

When a parent loses child, a part of them is lost too. Laura and Tony McBride had to bury three of their precious children, but now they are honoring their precious souls with a sentimental photo.

When Laura thought long and hard about the perfect Christmas gift for her husband, she couldn’t think of anything good enough, until she came across a story about the skills of a Georgia-based photographer.

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In the story, Brandy Angel had created a photo for a bride who had lost her son. The photographer was able to capture an outline of the son in the photograph. After talking to Angel, Laura organized a photo shoot for both herself and her husband with one particular picture of them walking on a bridge.

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Angel then took the image and included the likeness of Laura and Tony’s three children—Christopher, Tyler, and Keiran— walking alongside their mother and father on the bridge. The finished photo was Tony’s Christmas present. According to Laura’s Facebook post, it is Tony’s “favorite gift.”

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“I am proud to share the photo, but this right here, is my life…different from most, but what I carry with me every minute every day,” wrote Laura. They say that a picture is a worth a thousand words. How true is that in this scenario?

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