Family Responds To Christmas Glaciers With This Song

Family Responds To Christmas Glaciers With This Song

Angela Markus

Companies and institutions are quickly finding out that being politically correct about this Christmas seasoning is turning out to do more damage than good. We first heard of Starbuck red cup design and their lack of Christmas festivity, now a couple of malls across the country have chosen to decorate slightly different this year- and the local patrons are livid.

The Santa display at one mall in Charlotte, North Carolina just got a little more of a “climate change”decor to it. Many people were shocked to see Santa Clause taking visits from kids in the new “Glacier Santa experience” decorated setting.

Mall officials said it is aimed to modernize the holiday experience. They do not want to upset people who did not celebrate Christmas. Kids visiting Santa at the mall will now do so under a faux glacier instead of the shadow of a Christmas tree that was on display in previous years.





Parents are upset. One parent, David Britt and his children wrote a song about the disappearance of the Christmas tree, titled, “Have a Holly Jolly Glacier” In the song, he questions the reason for taking away the Christmas to erect a glacier.

“Why?” one of the children says in the end. “I don’t know why,” the other says. It ends with the father saying “Bring back the tree,” while strumming his guitar.

The Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island also mounted a glacier display. It’s owned by the same company that owns Charlotte’s SouthPark, and like SouthPark mall, customers are upset and decided to sign a petition to get back a “traditional feel” of Christmas. 

What do you think? Should there be a Christmas tree or do you approve of a glacier instead?

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