This Father and Daughter Sing Ed Sheeran Together

Father Daughter Cover Ed Sheeran

This Father and Daughter Sing Ed Sheeran Together

Ashley Rego

The musically inclined gene didn’t skip a beat in this family, which is clearly proven in the video below.

The fresh-faced Father-Daughter duo prepared a lovely rendition of singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran’s latest hit, “Photograph,” and I’d say it’s giving the original a run for its money.

Dad begins the first verse with a voice as smooth as butter. His daughter stands patiently behind him waiting for her turn to shine. Right on cue, she pairs her youthful voice with her father’s to grace our ears with the sweetest melody.

Judging by the perfection in their harmony, there’s no doubting these two are family!

I could listen to them over and over. Spread their wonderful talent and SHARE the love, pass it on!