Dad And Daughter Dance To Shake It Off

Dad And Daughter Dance To Shake It Off

Jamaica Bravo

This enterprising dad and his delightful little girl made an adorable dance duo video to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” that has all of us saying “Awe!” This entertaining dad certainly knows how to have a great time while creating wonderful memories with his daughter that will last a lifetime and be fun to share with the whole family!

This dance video begins with Dad and his little one standing side by side- but dad is wearing a horse mask! The video moves on to his daughter dancing throughout the room and in several different outfits. She even makes an adorable cheerleader with her pink outfit and silvery pom poms! Dad gets in on the dance action with moves that will have you laughing for hours.

This isn’t the typical “Shake It Off” dance video you’ve seen before. The duo takes turns dancing alone and together, which is made even cuter because you can see her trying to do the same moves as dad, from hops, to shakes, to Egyptian style moves!

This gorgeous pair will make you smile, laugh, and will make you want to dance! What a great fun-loving family!

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