He Forgives The Man Who Killed His Family In a Drunk Driving Accident. This Is Incredible

He Forgives The Man Who Killed His Family In a Drunk Driving Accident. This Is Incredible

Erika Carter

Forgiveness can be a difficult thing at times. This is especially true when events happen that hurt the people we love. In this video, we hear the story of Chris and Cameron.

Chris is a father whose life has been greatly affected by Cameron’s poor choice to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Cameron was drunk and ended up hitting the car that Chris and his family were in. From this accident, Chris lost his wife, his only daughter and one of his sons, along with the unborn baby that his wife was carrying.

The thing that really makes this story stand out, however, is the fact that Chris harbors no anger or ill-will toward Cameron. In fact, he has spoken with him and let him know that he has forgiven him.

Chris is a very faith-oriented man and he says in the video that his actions after dealing with everything surrounding the accident were basically the Spirit working through him. A very touching moment during the video was when they were talking to the boy’s mother and she said that all of the negative thoughts she had inside of her felt like they were just draining out after Chris forgave her son.

I’m sure that any person who has gone through a situation where you lose multiple family members at one time would have a hard time being as forgiving as Chris was, but I think there is a great lesson to learn from this story.

Even though it may be hard for you to forgive the person for their wrongdoings, in the end it will be healing and therapeutic for not only you but also for that person and, potentially, their loved ones as well. Whether you do it for religious reasons or simply for your own mental health, forgiveness is always a great way to get yourself back in the right frame of mind.

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