Father Sings Heartwarming Song To Unborn Daughter

Father Sings Heartwarming Song To Unborn Daughter

Jamaica Bravo

Oh my goodness, grab the tissues and get ready for some waterworks. This video is the sweetest, most moving thing we have seen all week.

Expecting father, William Pope, is not only exceptionally handsome, but also amazingly talented, and to make this package even more irresistible, he is apparently completely in tune with his feelings. What woman could ever resist him? It’s really too bad that he’s taken, but we can’t be too bitter because the song that he sings to his soon-to-be daughter is so very tender and stirring, it makes our collective hearts melt.

If you watch any video today, let it be this one, for William Pope’s declarations of love to his unborn daughter and her mother are truly heartwarming. She’s not even born yet, and already we can tell that she is loved deeply and unconditionally. His reggae-like guitar solo will have you swaying along in your seat and wishing you knew the words.

Brace yourself for a minute or two, because when this unborn little girl’s dad starts a verse addressed to her future husband, you are definitely guaranteed to experience overwhelming feels. “There’ll come a day, when I’ll give you away, and to that young man, I will say, you don’t need a shotgun or a rifle, all you need is patience and a Bible, and to treat my little girl with love and respect.” Solid, peace-loving advice from a father who is already brimming with love for his daughter and future son-in-law.

What girl wouldn’t want such a fantastic father?

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