What Your Favorite Flower Says About You

What Your Favorite Flower Says About You

Jamaica Bravo

Flowers represent so much more than a seed-bearing plant. It’s the symbol of love and appreciation to any relationship, the pop of color to any home, and the reminder that life always has a beautiful ending.

But more specifically, did you know your favorite flower says so much about your personality?

Thanks to Town&Country, we’ve narrowed down the meaning behind each flower and what this colorful, burst of life says about you.



The Rose

roseRose lovers are adventurous and love to travel. New customs and cultures fascinate them and their mind always wanders to a new place in curiosity.

The Peony

peonyPeonies are the epitome of femininity, so it’s no wonder peony-lovers are graceful and classy. They carry themselves with so much poise, people strive to live up to their elegance.


The Magnolia

magnoliaMagnolias only bloom in May, making them very rare. Magnolia lovers are optimistic and cease every moment in life. They appreciate all the blessings the world offers and don’t take anything for granted.



The Lilac

gallery_nrm_1424452111-lilacPeople who love lilacs have an old soul and a taste for antiques. Like a lilac, they tend to stand tall and take so much pride in who they are.

The Hydrangea


Like the Hydrangea, Hydrangea lovers’ mood changes frequently but they are especially happy in the summer. They are delicate and sensitive but firm with exactly what they want in life.



The Carnation

gallery_nrm_1424450972-carnationCarnation lovers are simple and honest. They appreciate every little thing in life and aren’t materialistic. They live by, “The best things in life are free.”



The Orchid

orchidOrchid lovers are subtle and mysterious, but hiding deep inside of them are so many treasures. Only few people ever discover what’s deep inside an orchid lover.


What’s your favorite flower?

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