Young Man Loses His Life Due To Careless Fireworks Play

Fireworks Turn Deadly

Young Man Loses His Life Due To Careless Fireworks Play

Bethany Burrows

Summer is here and that means barbecues, bonfires and fireworks. While fireworks displays are exciting and beautiful to watch, getting too close to them can be extremely dangerous.

12-year-old Antonio Braden found out just how dangerous they could be and it resulted in the death of the young man.

Several teens were setting off fireworks in the street of his Nashville neighborhood along with 24-year-old Joshua Woods. Joshua has artillery fireworks that some of the teens had taken without permission and he asked Antonio to pick up one of the broken fireworks one of the kids had thrown. Antonio went to pick it up and one of the other teens lit it. The firework exploded into his chest and sent him running. After collapsing, the young man passed away before doctors could revive him.

His family is devastated and saying that Antonio was, “a good kid with big dreams.” The ER treats over 11,000 people every year for fireworks-related injuries and Antonio’s family hopes that the loss of his life will serve as a warning to others who think that fireworks are just toys.

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