Two-Year-Old’s First Car Wash Reaction Is Adorable!

Two-Year-Old’s First Car Wash Reaction Is Adorable!

Genevieve Lopez

Like all life lessons, scary situations make us stronger and wiser, and this adorable two-year-old little girl just got her first valuable lesson while out on the town with her mommy.

It was due time for a car wash and Mom thought it would be an adventure for her little girl to experience her very first car wash.

Watch as they enter into the drive-through carwash. She has no idea what’s in store for her, but as soon as they go through the dark and scary tunnel, she goes into panic mode!

She screams, cries and even puts a blanket over her head as the foam covers all light from entering their car. The booming of the machines are nearly impossible to hear over her terror. It’s clearly a traumatic experience that will make you feel so sorry for her.

But all the scariness comes to an end as they pull out of the carwash and back into the happiness of reality. You’ll feel a whole lot better when you see that smile grow back on her face.

Looks like this little tough cookie is going to be alright!

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