This Man Built A Harness So His Fish Can Swim!

This Man Built A Harness So His Fish Can Swim!

Patrick Dangermond

In our society, we have often gone out of our way to help those that are disabled. In fact, we have seen people go as far as to carry their disabled friend to school every day. What we don’t often see is how people care for disabled animals.

That’s why it’s amazing to me that some people will go out of their way to care for creatures both big and small in our society.

This is the story of a man who had a goldfish. That fish had trouble maintaining its buoyancy and would spend its days laying near the bottom of the fish tank. That’s just unacceptable! This man┬áset out to find a way to change his poor fish’s life.

He took some twist ties, some fishing bobbers and some fishing line and gave his fish the ability to swim around freely! It may look a little goofy but at least his fish can swim!

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