She Was In The Middle of Chopping Up Her Fish When It MOVED!

She Was In The Middle of Chopping Up Her Fish When It MOVED!

Angela Markus

For the people who love to fish, you know that rewarding feeling of bringing home your catch and getting down and dirty to prepare it for dinner. The head must come off, then the scales and all the guts inside. It’s a dirty task, but one that’s so worth the results. For this one couple, the cleaning process has never been so scary.

After fishing up a bowfin, this woman gutted the fish clean and cut off its head. As she is scaling the fish to slice it thin, it jumps! Eek!

Is it still alive? The woman’s husband comes into the kitchen to record this unbelievable sight.

What seems to be straight out of a horror movie, the fish is trying to get at the woman for scaling it. It moves left and right sometimes right into the direction of the woman. It seems as though he is trying to fight her! Even the dog off camera is alarmed as he barks at the baffling scene.

This one is sure to give you goosebumps. What fish muscles stay alive and reactive to touch some 40 minutes after having its head cut off? The bowfin, that’s what!

As the scared but amused couple states, the bowfin is indeed a primitive type fish. It is the sole representative of an ancient fish family dating from the Jurassic period, approximately 180 million years ago.

The bowfin has the ability to breathe air. That ability is attained early in life and is used most frequently at night. The bowfin is able to survive prolonged air breathing periods. Maybe that explains why it refuses to die!

Be honest, did this make you jump?

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