Witness One Of Nature’s Most Beautiful Phenomenons!

Flock Of Starlings

Witness One Of Nature’s Most Beautiful Phenomenons!

Ashley Rego

Nature works in ways that are mystifying, breathtaking and often unexplainable. From whales playing majestically in the open blue waters to the baffling process of a seahorse giving birth, the bewildering beauties of nature constantly keep us fascinated.

In this stunning footage, we witness the astonishing splendor of birds flying in unparalleled unison. This exquisite phenomena is called a “murmuration,” a brilliantly dancing flock of starlings.

The enthralling sequence was captured by wildlife cameraman and travel journalist Dylan Winter and is set to background music that provides for the most soothing, captivating and gorgeous instances of nature you will ever see!

Once you begin watching this amazing spectacle, you won’t be able to look away! SHARE the love and pass it on!