Flower Girl’s Daring Moves To Kiss The Ring Bearer Goes Viral

Flower Girl’s Daring Moves To Kiss The Ring Bearer Goes Viral

Angela Markus

“Anderson, what are you making me do?” That was the question posed by a shocked and stunned four-year old ring bearer in this adorable wedding photo session.

At a wedding in Knoxville, Tennessee, Michelle Hall’s daughter and flower girl, Anderson, was charming and delightful decked in a beautiful white dress with a flowery crown. Anderson considered herself to be the bride as she explained that she and her long-time friend Ike, were like the bride and groom.

Bold and full of spunk, Anderson was not shy to show her affection to her longtime friend when the photographer prompted that it was time for the bride and groom to kiss. Anderson was serious! This picture will leave you in laughing tears as it did to the wedding party.

Photographer Leah Bullard thought Anderson mistook her directions as pertaining to her instead of the bride, so she grabbed her buddy around the neck and laid it on. How fierce! A real new-age woman!

The wedding party could not contain themselves at the unscripted act of affection.

Little girls long for their wedding day. A day when they can dress up, look and feel pretty to marry the love of their lives. Some of us wait for twenty or maybe thirty years to fulfil that fantasy. For Anderson, it took only four. Way to grab life by the reins, little one!

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