This NEW Flower Pot Heater Costs Just 4 Cents An Hour To Run…

This NEW Flower Pot Heater Costs Just 4 Cents An Hour To Run…

Angela Markus

As summer winds down, daily we are reminded that the cold is soon approaching. In addition to those blistering cold days, the heat bill can be a real bother. Here we learn how to reduce our heat bill with these flower pot heaters.

These pots can heat a medium size room for cents per hour, and it looks quite chic as a piece of décor. If you have seen variations to this pot heater before, you may have noticed that it may be a fire hazard. But this modification has an adjustable base that winds up and down to prevent furniture damage and reduces heat lost. It is also easier to change the candles.

Best of all, this device is a DIY, which I love!

You will need a 6-inch pot with its base, a 5-inch pot, an 11-link chain, 14 ½-inch nuts, 11 ½-inch washers, and ½-inch threaded rod 11 inches long.

The first step involves Ben Galt cutting the rod to the required length of 11 inches; be sure to shave the edges if they are rough. Next, he puts two nuts, an inch from the end of the rod, followed by the both ends of the chain, and tightened with another nut. He twists the first two nuts in the opposite direction to tighten.

He takes a washer and slides it to the other side of the rod, followed by the bigger pot another washer and another nut. Then he inserts the smaller pot, a washer and two nuts. He enters yet another washer and another nut and completes the step six times. He ends with a nut to keep everything in place.

Typically pot bases do not have holes, so he created a hole. He slides the base over the rod and tighten with a washer and a nut. For the stand, you can use materials at home or simply use a flower pot stand, lamp stand or a shelf with the tea lights that can be found anywhere.

And now he’s saving tons! Genius! SHARE the love and pass it on.