Shady Deal: Mummified Woman Found In Newly Purchased Foreclosed Home

Shady Deal: Mummified Woman Found In Newly Purchased Foreclosed Home

Matt M

You’ll never believe what this man found in his brand new home. It’s bound to make you extra careful next time you go out home buying.

William Wilson thought he had gotten quite the deal when he purchased a foreclosed ranch in Cape Coral, Florida for just $96,000. He bought the home at auction, so he hadn’t had the opportunity to full check out the property before committing to the purchase. When he did stop by for the first time, he got quite the surprise.

When he first approached the home he noticed the grounds needed a lot of work. Once he stepped inside he found that the house was actually still full of a lot of belongings. It looked like someone had started packing boxes, but hadn’t quite finished.

When he got to the master bedroom things got even worse: there was a dead body on the floor! The body was so decomposed that Wilson couldn’t tell if it was male or female. Authorities later discovered that it was the corpse of an elderly woman who had been missing for three years. Apparently no one thought to look in her home when she was reported missing, and no one thought to inspect the interior of the property before putting it up for auction.

One of the nearby neighbors said that he often parked his van in the driveway since he never saw any traffic coming to or from the house. He said that he thought that the house was either being used as a grow house, or that the owner had died in there. Little did he know how right his guess was.

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