Little Girl Attempts To Take Another Week Off School With Hilarious Forged Letter

Little Girl Attempts To Take Another Week Off School With Hilarious Forged Letter

Kaleena Madruga

When Cara’s mother received a letter in the mail claiming that her daughter’s school would be closed for another week, she was understandably a bit suspicious.

While all of the proper information was present on the letter, there was a mysterious element that tipped her off.

Little Cara apparently was not ready to get back to her studies and came up with the perfect plan to get one more week of vacation. Unfortunately she forgot one small detail. Cara went to retrieve the mailed letter on a Sunday, and as we all know, there are no mail deliveries on Sunday!



The “official” note read, “The school compnay is taking a brake so the kids will get one more week of school off and we will need your child to sign their name here.”

Cara’s mother saw the humor in her daughter’s committed efforts, and posted the adorable note to Reddit. Apparently, others feel like she deserves to stay home, too. 

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She also received plenty of entertaining feedback from readers who tried the same tactic and parents of crafty children who also wanted to extend their holiday break.

One user shared:

I did something similar as a young kid, and thought I was so clever. I signed my teachers name at the bottom and everything. My mom read the letter, then asked me if I would do her a quick favor. She asked me to go grab the dictionary and look up the definition of “forgery”. I’d never felt so defeated in my life.

CodyAndTheWhale (Reddit)

No word yet on whether Cara got the extra week off she so desperately wanted.

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