This Adorable Boy Has Some Amazing Dance Moves

This Adorable Boy Has Some Amazing Dance Moves

Angela Markus

It only takes a few minutes of dancing to realize what a great workout it can be. It boosts your heart rate, works leg muscles and forces you to improve coordination and balance. The benefits of dancing go way beyond the physical. Grooving to the music can also do quite the number on your brain power and mental well-being. Just ask this little guy.

Bruce Bachmann posted the most adorable clip to Facebook of little Brenden dancing his heart out. By the look on his face, it is clear that he is having the time of his life doing it! Although the clip was posted when Brenden was 11 (two years ago) it is warming hearts all over the Internet.

According to its website, Young Audiences- celebrating its 60th year- certifies, trains, and supports 130 artists to provide high-quality and educationally sound programming that reaches 208,550 children each year.

The organization hosted an event where the “Fly group” performed, and they allowed little Brenden to come on stage and do his thing. His freestyle dance is so extraordinary! He even busts a couple of spins and finishes off with the coolest pose.

If dancing brings this much joy, sign me up right now.

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