French Bull Dog Loves His New Bed… Or Does He?

French Bull Dog Loves His New Bed… Or Does He?

Jamaica Bravo

This adorable French Bulldog is oh so ecstatic about his new bed! Or does he hate it? It’s a little hard to tell at first, from the way he attacks it the minute he sees it.

He comes strolling around the corner and catches sight of the brand new black and grey bed in the corner, then immediately lunges forward and starts grappling with it. Though in the beginning, it may look like he’s trying violently to either tear it apart or get it out of there, it’s clear after a few minutes that this is just a display of his uncontrollable excitement. A

This dog cannot get over how awesome his new bed is, and the best way he knows how to express this is to try his hardest to rip it asunder. Luckily, it’s pretty well-made, so try as he might, Pixel the Bulldog can’t destroy it. This must be why his owner just stands patiently by with the video camera and calmly watches the dog’s antics. His hilarious little noises are almost as funny as his full body contortions. The way he leaps around and wrestles with the bed, will have you laughing out loud. And much like his calico cat housemate, your curiosity and fascination will keep you from being able to look away!

I know, I, for one, had to hit replay at least twice to get another look at this chubby little guy’s super funny reaction.

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