French Toast Roll-Ups Will Be Your New Favorite Breakfast!

French Toast Roll-Ups Will Be Your New Favorite Breakfast!

Genevieve Lopez

Breakfast of Champions? How about Breakfast of Gods!

No, I’m not talking a bowl of power with a side of wisdom. I’m talking luscious strawberries and cream cheese lathered in a batter of eggs, topped with a dollop of fluffy cool whip.

Our JumbleJoy Kitchen Queen is making breakfast our favorite meal of the day again with this French Toast Roll Ups recipe! It’s simple to make, requires just a few ingredients, and makes waking up an extra 30 minutes earlier so darn worth it!

She takes her favorite style of bread, cuts off the edges, and flattens it with a wine bottle. (Brilliant, might I add.) Then, she spreads cream cheese onto the bread, adds diced-up strawberries and rolls it all up. After making a few that’ll satisfy her morning hunger, she dips the roll-ups into whisked eggs and fries them in butter. I can already smell the sweet, buttery aroma in the air…

To top it all off, she rolls the roll-ups in some cinnamon and adds cool whip on top. In just a few minutes, she makes a breakfast to die for! Are you drooling yet?

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