Can You Guess What This Cake Is Made Of? I’m DROOLING

Can You Guess What This Cake Is Made Of? I’m DROOLING

Ashley Rego

Country fried chicken, creamy mashed potatoes, and decadent gooey gravy…have I caught your attention yet?

While this may sound like the recipe for the perfect backyard feast on a sunny spring day, these particular ingredients are actually the makings of one ground-breaking cake. You heard me right – cake!

Los Angeles Baker, Bree of Bree’s Cakes, has concocted the ultimate culinary creation, and it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

While most bakers are scrounging to come up with the next revolutionary flavor of icing, the next innovative addition to their cake batter or the most outlandish spin on cupcakes they can think of – Bree is taking a bit of a different route.

Behold, Bree’s mouthwatering cake creation that is basically what dreams are made of. cake1

The moist cornbread base is smothered in mashed potatoes. Then, pieces of crunchy chicken are arranged stoically on top and drizzled with indulgent gravy.


The cake inside is divided into layers, alternating between cheesy macaroni and cheese and sugary candied yams.


One slice into this cake, and I already can’t contain my drool.


While it may be a heart attack waiting to happen, this is my kind of cake!

What are your thoughts on Bree’s innovative spin? Would you give it a taste?

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