This “Frozen” Light and Music Display is Incredible!

This “Frozen” Light and Music Display is Incredible!

Angela Markus

It can be all-consuming when your goal is to have the best holiday decorations in your neighborhood. With the competition stiff, imagination and creativity will be premium ingredients in your home’s outdoor décor. You’ll need a hefty budget to afford the exterior glitz as well. This house is easily the best-decorated home in any neighborhood.

The owners of this house have turned their Christmas lights decorations into a massive tribute to “Let It Go” from the Disney movie Frozen.

The homeowners have timed different parts of the light display to come on in time with the music, complete with a projection of the film onto the roof. Spectacular!

A clip of the Frozen-themed Christmas lights was posted on Facebook by Hannah Pigman from Arkansas, who said she stumbled upon it in her neighborhood. This light show quickly went viral. Many were full of festive appreciation for the efforts of the display.

I tip my hat to those with such creative ability. Have you got an incredible Christmas light display this year?

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