Watch What Happens to Flowers When They Freeze Overnight

Watch What Happens to Flowers When They Freeze Overnight

Angela Markus

As the east coast braces itself for a likely nor’easter, there are some people who start shivering at the thought of such cold temperatures and the threat of snow. However, others feel truly alive and decide to commence science experiments. YouTuber nziegler shows how flowers transform when left in below zero weather.

Nathan Ziegler continually finds creative ways to use the brutal winter weather to his advantage and at least have some fun with it. Since 2007, Ziegler — an upper school principal from Minneapolis — and his family have been making “Minnesota Cold” videos that have two simple goals: show everyone how freaking cold Minnesota is, and uncover peculiar phenomena that happen to things when they freeze.

In his latest science lesson, Ziegler demonstrates what happens to flowers when they are left outside in biting weather. The principal bought an array of flowers and left them outside overnight. At one point, Ziegler mentions that the temperature is “negative 15 degrees,” and then demonstrates the coolest thing ever.

All of the flowers are beyond frozen and shatter like glass when he bangs them on the ground. He seems to be having quite a bit of fun smashing them to pieces.

Who knew frozen flowers could be this awesome?

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