This Puma Isn’t Growling, She’s Singing!

This Puma Isn’t Growling, She’s Singing!

Angela Markus

We have seen several videos of animals doing some pretty funny things. However, have you ever seen a puma sing? This video is sure to tickle your funny bone. A couple visiting a local zoo was in for a treat. Terrified to go close to the animal, Yazhi the female puma, surprised the couple and her keepers as she burst into song.

Yazhi seems to have found her voice to the amusement of the couple and everyone else surrounding. She goes on for several minutes playing with different ranges and scales. Yazhi is also not camera shy. As soon as her eyes met with the video camera, she continues her set.

Pumas are cougars, also known as mountain lions or catamounts. They are mammals of the Felidae family. They can typically be found in western Canada and the United States all the way to Southern South America. There is a small subspecie population found in Florida according the San Diego Zoo. They have a typical lifespan of 20 years. Oh, and most are avid singers like Yazhi.

Our songstress Yazhi, is housed at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation, and now that she has found her voice, she can sing all day long. Pumas like Yazhi usual vocalization includes hisses, bird-like sounds, and growls. They can even purr like cats, although females can make some scratchy hair-raising screams. Eartha Kitt don’t have anything on Yazhi. She performs to the amusement of the couple who video records the entire performance.

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