You’ve Never Seen A Ventriloquist This Good Before!

You’ve Never Seen A Ventriloquist This Good Before!

Jamaica Bravo

Little did an entire room full of people know they were about to be left in complete laughter and awe as one comedian walked on stage and did the unthinkable.

This isn’t your typical comedian- she’s a ventriloquist. She uses audience members in a special way in order to carry on her act.

During the first part of her show, she looks for an audience member and picks out a girl near the front of the stage and boy, was she was in for quite a surprise. As the volunteer got on stage, she was met with a contraption that covered her mouth and was controlled by the comedian. But it gets funnier than this.

The comedian then began to use the contraption to make the volunteer seem as though she was her puppet. With this contraption, she could “make” the volunteer say anything, and so playfully, hilarity ensued. 

Then, the comedian made the volunteer call up someone else. “I saw a fit man waiting in the queue.” The audience roars as the comedian took the man as her second volunteer.

Get ready for a performance unlike you’ve ever seen before! I still can’t stop laughing!

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