Man Performs Dance Routine In a Wind Tunnel

Man Performs Dance Routine In a Wind Tunnel

Angela Markus

If you are anything like me, you were not aware that each year there is a sporting event that takes place at an indoor skydiving facility in Europe. Although vertical wind tunnels originally were developed for use as a scientific tool to study aerodynamics, today it is used as the vehicle for extraordinary athletes to showcase their remarkable talent.

Windoor, the home of the competition, is a wind tunnel facility that uses the latest technology and 4 turbines of high power continuous adjustable vertical airflow to create an enclosure that allows anyone to recreate the feeling of freefall in a safe space.

The manager, Anne Maxwell, wanted to host an indoor competition involving music. She did just that with Wind Games! This year the winner was athlete Leo Volkov, and he blew away any competition with immaculate moves that had him literally dancing on air.

The roller coaster of moves sent the athlete up, down, and around the vertical tube. His performance was flawlessly timed with the music, creating an unbelievable routine- one that you might have to watch several times.

Who knew such a sport existed?

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