He Was Pumping Gas When The Unthinkable Happens!

He Was Pumping Gas When The Unthinkable Happens!

Jamaica Bravo

Can you imagine coming across a live television broadcast while pumping your gas? This man couldn’t either until it happened to him one ordinary afternoon at the gas station.

Will was at a Burbank gas station and when host Jack Rafferty got his attention on the gas pump screen. Not surprisingly, he doesn’t know he’s talking to him at first but once Jack get’s his attention, magic happens.

Will is prompted to sing, so he belches out with Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer,” better than you’ve ever heard it before. Jack Rafferty cheered him on as spectators at other pumps curiously glanced over.

Will’s wife just couldn’t contain herself in the passenger seat, and before you know it, she’s out of the car singing along.

Jack Rafferty really did hit the jackpot with these two because their energy and skill brightened everyone’s day watching!

This random performance will surely make you smile!

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