A Man Has His Bumper Ripped Off By An Alligator

Gator Wrecks Truck

A Man Has His Bumper Ripped Off By An Alligator

Patrick Dangermond

Alligators are one of the scariest animals that you can find in nature. Most commonly found in the south, gators seem slow but are actually strong, swift creatures that are not to be trifled with. This video is the perfect example of just that.

A man saw an alligator in the grass and decided to have a little fun with it. He started to back his truck into it and the gator hissed at him. Obviously, he didn’t think that his truck would hold any competition to the gator. But he’s about to find out just how wrong he is.

When the truck gets a little too close to the alligator, he attacks. The gator grabs a hold of the siding of the truck and using the strength of its jaws, rips the bumper clean off of the truck. Needless to say, this man doesn’t seem too happy that he just lost his bumper. That’s what you get for messing with nature!

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