This Geode Rock Candy Recipe Is Gorgeous AND Delicious!

Candy Geode

This Geode Rock Candy Recipe Is Gorgeous AND Delicious!

Ashley Rego

Have you ever held a geode and examined its glistening core? The iridescent colors flickering as the light ricochets off its tiny crevices. These beautiful rocks may captivate your stare, but have you ever tasted one? Of course not, you can’t eat rocks! 

But what if could create something that not only appeared as stunning as the natural beauty of geodes, but tasted just as good! Impossible? No way! We’ve found a recipe to make rock candy geodes and they are just as gorgeous as the real thing!

For the inner shell layer you’ll need fondant along with brown and black food coloring. The outermost shell requires white chocolate melts and cocoa powder. To recreate the sparkling gemstone interior you simply need a mixture of sugar, water and food coloring. Call me crazy, but yes, that’s all there is to it!

The process to get to the finished product is bit more in-depth, but certainly not impossible!  The step by step tutorial is laid out in the video below thanks to the awesome folks over at How To Cook That.

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