Get Rid of Fruit Flies Once and For All With This Easy Homemade Trick!

Get Rid of Fruit Flies Once and For All With This Easy Homemade Trick!

Angela Markus

If you’ve ever battled a fruit fly infestation in your home, you know just how hard it is to get rid of fruit flies or gnats invading your living space. These tiny pests breed quickly and can survive long after you’ve disposed of all your suspect fruits and vegetables. Winning the battle against fruit flies requires above average patience and even more persistence.

You might have heard tips such as disposing of all your rotting fruits and vegetables, empty and clean trash and recycle bins frequently, replace old sponges and mops often, and fix slow drains and plumbing. Although those fixes may work temporarily, it does not get rid of the problem.

If you have reached your limit with these nuisance pests, grab some apple cider vinegar, plastic wrap, a device to poke holes—a toothpick or comb—and a bowl or cup.

Pour some vinegar into the cup or a bowl, cover with saran wrap and poke small holes into the wrap. Don’t make the holes too big or the flies will escape. The fruits or gnats will be attracted to the vinegar, go in and never come out. You may want to place it close to the kitchen window or garbage bin. Fruit flies reproduce notoriously quickly, so you will want to leave the concoction out for a week to catch all of the cycles.

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