The Government Will Pay You To Live Here And Yes, There IS A Catch.

The Government Will Pay You To Live Here And Yes, There IS A Catch.

Ashley Rego


How does a summer spent in a beautiful wood cabin in the lush wilderness of Montana’s glorious forest sound? Did I mention this includes all expenses paid…by the government none the less. 

If you thought this was too good to be true, well it’s because it is! You didn’t think this offer would come without a catch did you?!

There’s a reason why the government is offering free room and board to volunteers who agree to stay in the remote mountain town of Garnet, Mont. The fact that it is one of the nation’s most iconic ghost towns has everything to do with it. 


When silver and gold were discovered in the late 19th century, the town bustled with commotion. But when the mines dried up of their opulent treasures, the residents dispersed, leaving the town completely abandoned by the 1940s.

Now the only inhabitants of the lonely town are tourists, volunteers selected by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and maybe even a few unseen spirits who grace their presence in the darker hours of the night. 


According to an article in the Helena Independent Record:

Ellen Baumler, the Montana Historical Society’s resident ghost whisperer and author, wrote, “Late at night, the spirits of Garnet come out to play in the moonlight,” Baumler wrote in Montana Chillers. “Sometimes, in the deep winter quiet, a piano tinkles in Kelley’s Saloon and the spirits dance to ghostly music. Men’s voices echo in the empty rooms. But the moment a living, human hand touches the building, the noises stop.”

“They cause no trouble and anyone who visits the deserted town in the dead of winter should be prepared to meet them,” Baumler continues. “They hide in the shadows, laugh in the wind, and come out when you least expect them.”


While the town doesn’t boast of its paranormal occupants, and instead focuses on its strong preservation of American history, the undeniable eerie mystery of the town’s ghostly lore attracts visitors and volunteers day in and day out. 

Would you brave the supernatural possibilities that come attached to Garnet?


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*Image source: Flickr

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