Learn How To Make A GIANT Cupcake!

Giant Cup Cake

Learn How To Make A GIANT Cupcake!

Bethany Burrows

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? They are so cute, delicious and the flavor possibilities are endless! I remember when I was younger my mother would make chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting; it was our favorite thing to do together. That’s another great thing about cupcakes; you can spend time with someone you care about making cupcakes. It really does bring you closer together. Odd? Maybe. Amazing? You bet! My husband and I even make cupcakes together just to spend time together, we even make a little competition out of it! It always seems to bring us closer together.

Now what would make our pint sized cupcakes even better? How about a GIANT cupcake! Yes, I went there. And Elise from YouTube’s MyCupcakeAddiction teaches you how to make a beautiful and stunning giant cupcake.

First you’re going to want to decide what favorite cake recipe you’re going to use! Elise decided to use her mud cake recipe but you can use whatever you like as long as there is enough to make about 18 cupcakes. You will need melted chocolate; you can use milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, or candy melts. You will also need a spatula and a serrated knife to help along the way! Get yourself some non-stick cooking spray; you will be thankful for it later! And don’t forget your giant silicone cupcake mold to get this project going.

Begin by taking half your melted chocolate and lining the entire bottom half of your cupcake mold. After it has hardened in the fridge, repeat the process to create a second layer.

When your chocolate case has set you can gently roll the sides of the mold down and take it out. Elise says greasing your molds is essential so grease away! Because your cake will rise as it bakes leave some room at the top so you don’t have a huge mess when you take the mold out. Cutting circular shapes from parchment paper and placing them on top of your mixture will help your cake rise evenly and using a baking pan will help your mold to stay stable. Now it’s very important you watch your cake since your top half will cook faster than the bottom half. Once the cakes are finished let them cool for at least an hour and then roll your silicone case gently down and pop them out. 

Using your serrated knife cut a little off the top of the bottom half of your cake to even it out and trim a little on the sides so it will fit into your chocolate case. You will cut just a bit off the bottom of the top half. Elise suggests using your cake mold again to help from making too much a mess. Place your case back in the mold and begin assembling your cake. Roll down your silicone case and pop your cake out! Now is time to frost, you can frost with whatever colors and flavors you like! Elise does a beautiful rainbow cupcake and places a star candle on top! What fun and a tasty treat!

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