Giant Humpback Whales Breach Right In Front Of A Boat


Giant Humpback Whales Breach Right In Front Of A Boat

Erika Carter

When you’re out relaxing on the water, the last thing that you expect to see is a pod of whales breaching in front of your eyes. You could only imagine the amount of surprise that these two men felt as they got to witness this all up close!

Brad and Tony were out on the ocean, when they were blessed with a wonderful sight that they are sure to never forget. In the background of this video, you can hear a discussion about how the seagulls usually cover the area of the whales before they start breaching. Well, that person was certainly right. Moments after a flock of seagulls surrounded the area on top of the ocean, a mass of waves and bubbles started to form.

They began to question what was going on but their answer was soon to come. Shortly after, a pod of Humpback whales would appear as they breached together from the ocean.

Of course, anybody would be amazed with seeing such beautiful natural marine life take place right in front of them but seeing the size of these whales so up close and personal caused one of these men a little shock. Who’s to blame him? I’m sure we’d all be a little intimidated by the size of these mammals!

As some of you may know, breaching whales are happy whales! The purpose of breaching can be for anything from playing, communicating with other whales or even loosening skin parasites. It is found that Humpback whales are especially notorious for practicing breaching and doing it more often than any other species.

While whales have bigger bodies that often intimidate because of their size, they can still be as graceful and peaceful as anything else in nature. SHARE the love and pass it on!