Check Out These Unbelievable Knits From Anna Mo!

Check Out These Unbelievable Knits From Anna Mo!

Erika Carter

Forget about those ugly knitted sweaters that grandma used to give you for the holidays. Welcome Ukraine-based designer, Anna Mo.

Anna knits big chunky blankets and more with giant, three-inch stitches. It’s safe to say she takes knitting to a whole new level. Her needles are custom-made and also HUGE, measuring in at two inches thick.

Anna’s designs are a combination of bold and classic, and her technique is incredibly versatile. She lovingly hand crafts truly unique sweaters, scarves, blankets, and even rugs.

Anna began knitting to “have a hand-based escape from her head-based design job,” says Bored Panda. It is no surprise then, that her styles are unique and that each thread is lovingly handmade. Each piece is so incredible and unlike anything I’ve ever seen — I guarantee you wouldn’t be able to buy any of her stuff at a department store!

Check out these incredible knits below:








In her Esty shop, Anna says this of one of her blankets: “It’s [a] very emotional design. I adore this wool because it comes from Australian merino sheep and it’s the most thick, warm and light wool I’ve ever seen! These blankets bring such great emotions when I work on them.”

She says that it’s just impossible to be in a bad mood when you see, touch, and feel this wool.



I could cozy up all day in that!










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