Man Terrifies Public With Giant Spider Prank

Man Terrifies Public With Giant Spider Prank

Angela Markus

Just in time for Halloween, a popular YouTuber unleashes a ridiculously funny prank on people none-the-wiser passing by. The prankster set out to frighten the life out of innocent pedestrians by getting a giant spider to jump out on them unsuspectedly. Hilarious is an understatement.

YouTube star Josh Paler Lin set up the social experiment to catch people’s reactions after he unleashed the extremely large eight-legged arachnid as they walked down the street. It is safe to say that the innocent participants in the social experiment were more than a little surprised after spotting the creature.

The women who are greeted by the spider on the road are scared senseless! Look at that reaction! I mean, can you blame them? One man is seen throwing his cup of coffee in terror at the frightening creature crawling out from behind a wall. Another man launches a brutal comedic attack on it when he’s met with the animal in the elevator.

While Lin is suspending the spider from a bridge, one man seems not to notice as it swipes his hat. He simply walks by with a slightly confused expression on his face.

This laugh-out-loud clip is the funniest prank you will see all day.

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