These Children Have to Choose a Gift For Themselves or Their Family. You’ll Love Their Reactions!

These Children Have to Choose a Gift For Themselves or Their Family. You’ll Love Their Reactions!

Jamaica Bravo

UpTV decided to do something extra generous for Christmas this year.

They decided to visit a handful of low income children at the Atlanta’s Boys and Girls Club. To give you an idea, most of the children are from single parent homes and many can’t even afford to have a Christmas tree. UpTV asked the kids what they would most want for Christmas. Then, they also asked them what their parent would want for Christmas.

While the interviewers were still chatting with the kids, some other UpTV employees ran out and purchased both sets of gifts and surprised the children with them! The kids each got a few seconds to examine the presents and feel a rush of excitement and gratitude, before they were given a final task.

The interviewers told the kids that each of them would get to leave with only one present: either the one for their parents or for themselves. Each child then was asked which gift she or he would like to take home.

Watching their reactions is priceless! Some of the kids clearly went through a few moments of turmoil, but nearly all of them chose to give their parent a gift instead of themselves. Their explanations for why they made their decisions are so beautiful!

One boy’s answer is so heartfelt it will touch you to your core. He made the decision without a second thought, and when asked why he chose the present for his Dad, instead of the awesome lego set he could have gotten for himself, he says, without skipping a beat, “Because Legos don’t matter. Your family matters. Not Legos, not toys. Your family. So if it’s Legos or family, I choose family.”

Luckily for these altruistic children, UpTV had another surprise up their sleeve. They wanted to reward the kids for being so selfless, so every child who chose to give a gift to a parent rather than get one for himself or herself, ended up going home with both. How cool is that?!

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