This Little Girl’s Reaction To The Star Wars Trailer Is Too Cute

This Little Girl’s Reaction To The Star Wars Trailer Is Too Cute

Angela Markus

It is safe to say that the force is with everyone this month as the seventh Star Wars movie in the blockbuster franchise has officially been labeled the fastest film to rack up a cool $1 billion. Months ago, when the official trailers for “The Force Awakens” hit the internet, countless people lost their heads and posted their excited reactions to the first glimpses. Here is one that steals the title of most adorable.

Obviously, those reaction videos have died down now that the film is finally in theaters. But Kenneth Carnes’ little girl isn’t up for the lengthy movie, so he lets her enjoy the trailer. There isn’t a fan alive that beats this little girl’s enthusiasm for the epic film.

Her dad says that she didn’t know anything about the movie until she got a Star Wars sticker book, and spent time getting to know each of the characters. Her love for the sticker characters is quite obvious and her enthusiasm grows as they come to life in the trailer. Just watch when she spots BB-8. Her dad said she’s still a bit too young for feature-length films, and that the trailer is enough for her for now.

Can you imagine her reaction when she sees the movie?

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