Precious 3-Year-Old Sings Little Mermaid Song With Pure Emotion

Precious 3-Year-Old Sings Little Mermaid Song With Pure Emotion

Kaleena Madruga

There are many factors that could explain why movies such as Frozen and the Little Mermaid have experienced such phenomenal success. One of those factors is the “ear worm”- songs that has been stuck in the minds of little children ever since the movie’s release date. There have been many parodies and covers, but I have never seen one this delightful and cute.

Lookout Adele, you have significant competition from 3-year-old Claire Ryann with her cover of “Part of Your World.” The little songstress’s father, Dave Crosby, 28, filmed the toddler recording the track.

The Utah native and future Grammy winner not only memorized every word of the song, but also delivered each note with accuracy and pure emotion. How impressive is this toddler? Her sparkling blue and white princess gown with matching bow add layers to her charm. After she nails the performance, she asks dad, “Did I do it dad?” before exclaiming, “I did it!”

The proud father told local news that the idea came to him while paying for an oil change one day and his little chanteuse began serenading the other customers. Now Claire is serenading the world with her incredible voice

This is the best way to start your week!

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