A Day After They Bury Her, They Hear a Strange Noise Coming From Her Coffin…

A Day After They Bury Her, They Hear a Strange Noise Coming From Her Coffin…

Angela Markus

It’s not everyday you hear news that make you think, what in the world?! 

It is a scene that will cause nightmares for days; a dead teenage girl wakes up in her coffin, screaming for help one day after she was buried.

Similar to a scene straight from a horror film, the footage shows the grieving family members desperately breaking through the concrete tomb from where Neysi Perez, 16, had been heard banging and hollering for her life. But unfortunately, efforts to revive her were futile.

The Honduras youngster supposedly collapsed in her home, but the true cause is unknown. Family members believe the teenager was ‘possessed’, and after failed attempts of an exorcism, she was considered dead. Local news are reporting that Perez may have fainted in an apparent panic attack after hearing a burst of gunfire.

Ms. Perez was buried in the wedding dress she had recently used to get married. Her husband Rudy Gonzales visited and heard the muffled screams. A cemetery worker told local news that he heard noises but ignored them. After Gonzales begged the worker, they initiated attempts to free Perez.

Ms. Perez’s mother Maria Gutierrez firmly believes her daughter was buried alive and blames medics for being too quick to sign her death certificate.

It is crazy to think that an autopsy was not performed to investigate further on the cause of death. Image the horror of waking up inside a coffin buried in a mausoleum.

Yikes! Scary indeed!