Sleeping Baby Wakes Up To Dance With Her Sisters

Sleeping Baby Wakes Up To Dance With Her Sisters

Angela Markus

Every parent knows that on any drive, short or long, you want to keep the kids occupied. Of course if they are sleeping, it is best just to let them sleep. Most children, and adults for that matter, would not appreciate the rude awakening of being shocked by tunes blaring at them from a car radio, let alone 80’s disco music.

While on a trip, Mom recorded her daughters chilling in the back seats. Two of her three girl were up while one was fast asleep. The oldest are 2 and 3 years old, and the adorable little lady sleeping in the car seat is 1. When the older girls requested that music is put on, mom obliged by turning on one of their favorite songs.

As the girls begin to dance, the sleeping beauty in the car seat is suddenly awoken and immediately gets to dancing. Watch her big smile and how immediately she breaks into what looks like her happy dance!

Mom, we thank you for recording this magically funny moment. Now if only I could do that as an adult, my mornings would be a lot more productive.

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