Golden Corral Keeps Their Meat By The Dumpsters … GROSS

Golden Corral

Golden Corral Keeps Their Meat By The Dumpsters … GROSS

Erika Carter

A lot of us have those days when we just really don’t feel like cooking. Sometimes it’s because it’s hot, other times it’s just for the plain old simple fact that we don’t want to.

A majority of people in our society have been to a buffet restaurant at one point or another during their lives and I’m sure a lot of Americans have, at least one time, been to a Golden Corral restaurant.

The real issue is, do you know how these restaurants are handling the food you’re eating?

In this video, an employee of Golden Corral decided to film the way that his restaurant handled their raw meats as they were preparing for a state inspection. How they handled the meats would sicken anyone. It is unclear as to exactly how much raw meat was out there, but this restaurant had placed trays and trays of meat outside next to the dumpster. Flies can be seen hovering over these slabs of uncooked meat as the meat is mostly uncovered and just sitting out there for who knows what types of bacteria to get into.

According to the video, the manager who was responsible for disposing of these meats was fired from the restaurant. Golden Corral states that none of this meat was actually served to customers, but it definitely makes me wonder how many other restaurants do this type of “preparation” when it comes time for the state inspection?

Seeing video evidence like this just reinforces the fact that it is a better choice for people to prepare meals at home with their families instead of choosing to dine out. We really don’t know what happens to the foods our favorite restaurants are serving before the food winds up on our plates. As for me, I’m staying away from Golden Corral.

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