Nine-Year-Old Boy Catches 600 Pound Great White Sturgeon

Great White Sturgeon

Nine-Year-Old Boy Catches 600 Pound Great White Sturgeon

Bethany Burrows

Everyone has moments from their childhood that are much more vivid than others.

The first time you went off the diving board, the first time you rode your bike and the first time you caught a fish are all childhood memories that will stick with you forever.

June 29, 2015 is a day that no one in the Rothman family will ever forget. They were on a fishing trip when nine-year-old Kegan Rothman felt something tugging on his fishing pole. The four foot tall young man wrestled with the fish as long as he could until it got close enough to the boat and he realized that he had reeled in a whopping 600 pound Great White Sturgeon!

The fish he caught measured 10 feet and 1 inch long and although they couldn’t weight it, it’s estimated weight is 600 pounds. That is one big fish!

After taking a few pictures with his incredible catch, Kegan helped the fish find it’s way back into the river. This wise old fish won’t be nibbling on fishing poles again any time soon!

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